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Effective ways to wake up in the morning without coffee

Morning without coffee. Does it seem reasonable or does it sound like a nightmare? In one of my previous posts I pointed out  my position regarding coffee. Today it is even more simple – I say no to any drugs, medications or products that let me borrow some energy for a short time (with interest to pay back later). Interest, in this case, means the feeling of tiredness that soon follows the caffeine injection. In this post I share my insight on how to wake up in the morning and feel good about myself and everything around, without coffee. Coffee lovers, coffee addicts – this one is not for you.

Over some time I have perfected a few simple but very constructive tips that work great for me  (only considering that I have had at least 6 hours of sleep the night before… otherwise nothing really works much). Happy morning without coffee is quite possible; as time goes by and you establish some healthy routines, you may even find out that energy flows in a magical way into the very center of what used to be a ball of perpetual pain – the morning headache.

Tip #1: Lemon Water

Or how they position it in caffes – “home made lemonade”.

Get two glasses of warm lemon water right when you get up on your feet. If warm sounds disgusting, read it as “cool”.

How to make lemon water?

There are two ways: either squeeze or put a small piece of a lemon (not more than a quarter) into a 200 ml. glass of clean water.

Tip #2: Head, shoulders, knees and toes

You can’t run away from exercises.  Morning without coffee means activity. Any kind of stretching, literally, for three minutes. I do not follow any special guidelines, my intuition leads me to the right movements. One day it is hands up in the air, the other day, it may be feet on my ears and so on. You get the point. Consistency is king.

Here are some tips on different kinds of stretching:

  • Joints: make circles with your wrists and feet. Turn your neck in slow circles to both directions (don’t forget to breath when your head is backwards). It is best to make at least 3 circles to both directions. One body area that we never pay attention to is our wrists. As a typing mom, I think it is crucial to stretch our wrists and hand fingers.
  • Neck and Shoulders: Another good and effective stretching is rising up your shoulders as the “I don’t know gesture”. This simple exercise has proven to be extremely effective for me since I can do it -guess where – in front of my computer.
  • Waist – hands on hips or hula-hoop. Music. Make movements to any direction. I think, music makes the key role here, so choose something, that makes you want to dance and spin around.

Right now, while sitting in front of my monitor and typing all that I have simultaneously completed nearly all stretching exercises I have recommended here (except waist), almost without breaking the flow of typing.

Tip #3: Breath

Do three large breaths in and out. Amazing, how we forget to breathe deeply at least once a day, and even more amazing how three simple breaths inject morning energy into our sleepy bodies. So, stand in front of a big window, watch the cars, the dogs, the birds, flying saucers or whatever you can see from your observing point, and do one, two, three large breaths in and out. You can raise your hands every time you breathe in and bring them down every time you breathe out.

Tip #4 (the hardest): Morning without coffee means  morning without smart devices

Don’t touch any smart device (your head doesn’t count) before you really wake up. Morning without coffee also means morning without instant access to smart devices. Don’t check your emails in bed (alas!), don’t even check the weather before you have done the water and the air injection. I have a rule of thumb – my phone wakes up at least 15 minutes later than I do, and so far, my phone had no objections regarding that.

Tip #5: Compromise… if not coffee then something else.

Last, but not least. I said morning without coffee, but what if the body requires something sweeter than a carrot, something that reminds liquid (not a cucumber juice), and something that resembles coffee by smell and color? What if it’s just too hard, on some days, to say total no to coffee?


Cacao is associated with children, but it stopped being that way for me once I re-discovered how great it tastes.  Better use organic and/or  bio cacao powder, but I, personally, find the instant one delicious (against all my “rules”, oh well). I’m not going to mention any particular brand here since I haven’t decided myself yet. Go with what tastes best, it’s just one cup once in a while. Not a big deal.

Lately, I have discovered my own personal way of making morning without coffee even better – I melt chocolate (the chocolate bars they sell for baking) in a small amount of water. Sometimes I add some cacao powder to make it taste a bit bitter, and sometimes it’s only the chocolate. Sugar is not needed at all.

Green tea

Another drink you can consume is green tea. I prefer making tea in a small fancy pot (2 cups). If you drinking it from a regular cup use a very small amount of tea, and if you are using tea from a bag, I suggest not holding the bag in hot water over two minutes. The tea flavor becomes too strong. Of course, it’s very personal and you should experiment until you find your best flavor-time ratio.

Dog-rose tea

A powerful source of energy, tastes good both as hot and cold. Tastes delicious, can be drank without sugar or cookies or anything, because of its unique flavor. Better buy dried rose hips (sold in pharmacies or tea shops) and brew with nearly-boiling water. Another option is to cover the berries with cool, clean water on the evening before you go to sleep, and the drink will be ready in the morning (you can add some honey, it will taste even better).

Have I forgotten any tips? I might have, or I might be not aware, that some other ways exist. Let me know in comments what works for you (other than coffee) to get yourself to your feet in the morning.