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Moms and style: can mom wear anything she wants?

Hear a joke: a mommy, who usually wears jeans, wears a skirt for the first time in a long time. Her 5-year-old son is looking at her in astonishment and says: “What? So you are a girl, mom?”

Is it too much?

As a mom, I feel high responsibility for the way I look, walk, talk etc., because there are two pairs of curious eyes watching me. I would like to be a role model for my daughter, and, therefore, I try to look gentle, feminine and stylish. On the other hand, when I need to make circles in the air taking the kids from school to music, from kindergarten to physiotherapy, then grab an ice-cream on the way, then make some quick grocery shopping I end up looking like… a stylish horse.

When you are a young and attractive girl, looking cool is not a big thing. You are irresistible and reckless, your schedule is concentrated around yourself and, therefore, wearing skirts, heels and leather jackets is more than natural.

But when you are 30+, with kids, debts and a flood of useless thoughts, finding your style is a huge challenge. In your head, you are a princess, but in reality you are the princess’s horse.

The princess horse

From my own experience, there are two main things that bring you closer to the princess and a bit farther from the horse.

  • Lose weight unless you belong to the rare category of people who are completely content with that number. Mothers with lower weight usually look younger from far away, even when wearing inexpensive clothes. If you like the way you look, and don’t want to lose a pound, look at advice number 2:
  • Skirts, dresses and heels. Yes, they are not as comfortable as your favorite jeans, and you don’t have to wear 10 cm heels and mini skirt when picking up your child from the kindergarten (the teachers will not necessarily appreciate it). Yet keep a few comfy dresses (that make YOU look very good) and mid-high heel elegant shoes for walks in the park with the kids (even if there is playground with sand. What is the worst thing that can happen? Some sand is good for your shoes).

Of course these advice won’t work if you don’t care that much how you look, if you adore yourself the way you are and don’t want to change a thing. But most of us, mothers-women, do look for a change, especially when our kids reach the age when they express their thoughts about the way things and people around them look like. For me, the biggest motivation for losing weight and keeping myself in shape is my daughter, who still thinks I am not in shape. At least, there is a mini-purpose in life.