Who is the harebear mom?

A mom is a bear woman first, you can’t take that away.

She tries to work and maintain herself, dirty kids, dirty dishes and the laundry, that has been there for days, unfolded.

Occasionally, she loses her nerve, then remembers her favorite breathing exercises and the shopping therapy. This is how it goes, day by day.

This is the world I live in and it’s a lot more interesting than it may seem from the outside. Since the moment I’ve had them – the little devils who control my life and manage my time (time management, anyone?) – I discover that my resources and patience are nearly endless.

In this blog I’m looking at things with humor, a bit of sarcasm and what’s best for other moms– open up with my own checked and tested shortcuts to a much better life using the simple assets available to all: air (breathing exercises), music, nature, books, sports.

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