Draw the dream

What do moms dream about?

Are there only casual things?

What are casual things anyway?

This question of dreams and their nature has occurred to the author of this post while she was visualizing of material stuff. Yes, many people do that, but how many people dream of a specific thing, on a regular basis, drawing and visualizing the desired object?

Dreaming occurs more often than we notice. On one day it happens in mini-waves and sometimes in large storms of energetic turbulence somewhere between the hypophysis and hypothalamus.

Here are my rules about dreaming (= wanting something):

If a dream seems weird, wrong or meaningless – think about it.

Never despise the smallest dream, because every dream is meaningful, even if its meaning is minuscule or seems to be wrong at the moment. There is no such thing as “dreamed it by mistake”. There is no such thing as “wrong dream”,  as long as take responsibility for the idea created in your head. Some dreams makes mom blush, feel angry with herself, feel ashamed and perplexed. The most important rule – I never turn my back to it, never bury it somewhere deep and try to forget. This will not work in the long run. I turn my whole self to the ugly dream, be it whatever it is, and take it apart piece-by-piece.By most times it’s not easy, not natural or intuitive. The strongest desire is to slip away from this shameful mental x-ray. But once exposed to light, the disgrace disappears by magic, the vision dissolves and the memories of it become a bleak shadow.

Be responsible for your dream

My dream is my exclusive creation. No one can take it, borrow it or steal it. I cannot lose it as long I’m conscious of what’s going on in my head (can be tricky). I am the sole master of my conscious dreams.

Recognize the character of a dream

Dreams, like humans, own different traits. Some dreams are lazy. They drift by showing no signs of interest, not even trying to demonstrate their best side. Some dreams are active and responsive, offering solutions and ways of fulfillment. Buzzy fantasies. They are ready to cooperate, ready to be put into words and drawings, to be hanged on the wall as posters and to be looked at.

Dream with intention.

Dream are plans-to-be. Dreaming is mental labor. It must be done in a disciplined and organized manner. Otherwise they make little sense and become a huge waste of energy. Guinea pigs can dream with no purpose, meaning or intention. No one cares (if any guinea pig is reading this, please accept my apologies).Humans, however, that consider themselves sapiens,  cannot allow such barbarous misuse of power. Steady dreaming with specific intention creates a surge of energy that must not be underestimated. Those who tried it, know.

One dream at a time, please.

Spreading energy to many directions at the same time will lead nowhere. Something good may happen, but as a matter of coincidence. Creating a hierarchy, a list, a schedule and working on it consistently one idea at a time might sound boring, but it isn’t. Visualizing a fantasy, drawing it, bringing it to life is a creative and vital process. It can never be boring, since it’s your prodigious brainchild, a voice from the core, a call of the inner sense. This process is quite breathtaking and must be forged with respect, care and extreme attention to details since details matter most.

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